Kalavardhini Charitable Trust

The Trust was established in 1988 with the primary objective of supporting the teaching and propagational activities in performing and allied arts, particularly classical dance.

Trustees :
Renowned Bharata Natyam exponent Dr. Smt. Sucheta Bhide – Chapekar along with Pt. Sharad Sathe, the well known vocalist & Smt. Rajani Dandekar of Camlin Ltd. have been the founder trustees.

Our Focus :
Kalavardhini has not only concentrated on technical excellence in dance training but has also pioneered to begin projects which will increase audience appreciation as well as awareness about art and it’s overall usefulness to every day life. During it’s 25Years journey so far it has worked towards establishing and strengthening the link between life and art through the all encompassing medium of dance. Rigorously following the motto of “Art for Art, Art for Life, Art for Self”, Kalavardhini has made rapid progress towards its goal.

Our Strength :
Kalavardhini is proud to have created its dedicated community of Dancers & Dance Teachers of merit who have not only created a number of high quality productions but have also launched new projects which have substantially contributed in increasing interested audience for the pure classical arts. Today Kalavardhini family has expanded upto 35 centers all over the country and also abroad.