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Kalavardhini Sankul

From our various branches a number of dancers of excellent merit have come up who have passion for performing and creativity. With guidance from their mentor, Dr. sucheta Chapekar, they form an empathetic dancing group under the leadership of Arundhati Patwardhan and that is kalavardhini Sankul. The group has produced a number of professional choreographies so far and are ever adding the new ones to it. They also have shown capacity to produce a commissioned work.Through their productions, Kalavardhini Sankul has brought out symbolism of traditional themes as well as modern, contemporary topics but has never wavered from the classicism of the presentation. They have performed so far at Shaniwarwada Festival, Pune Festival, Parikrama Festival (Pune), Art Vision Festival ( Bhuvaneshwar), ABU DanceFestival ( DD Bharati), SNA Festival (Mumbai) to name a few.

Some of the acclaimed productions :-

Jaladhara :
It depicts various facets of Indian rainy season, the light drizzling rain, the incessant showers, and the thunderstorm, and their emotional impact on humans as well as the changes that occur in nature. A 45 min. Production, It uses Hindustani as well as contemporary Music and classical as well as contemporary body language.

Ardhanarishwara :
A choreography in pure Bharata Natyam style, the production focuses on the aspect of the equality between the male and female aspects. Symbolised by the Ardhanarishwara image of Lord Shiva. It combines pure rhythmic as well as interpretative aspects of Bharata Natyam to create an impressive choreography with a new look given to traditional compositions.

Panchatatva :
This classic choreography explores the power of five Elements that enliven our universe and their qualities which are embedded in human being. A production that makes a viewer aware of the importance of preserving the assets bestowed on us by Nature.

Shakti :
A woman is the centre of creation and procreation as such has always been given a prime importance in Indian culture. This production represents her all encompassing power as symbol of motherhood, intelligence, wealth and strength personified as Supreme beings Parvati, Saraswati, Laxmi and Kali.

Shivam :
A new generation choreography, inspired by owe, admiration and deeper understanding of divinity-Shiva, the abstract and the absolute. The abstract represents an eternal time cycle, the never diminishing truth,the force of destruction and equipoised grace. And the absolute personifies the Nataraj, Yogiraja, Tyagesha and also, Vishadhara.

This 40 min. Production is choreographed in pure Bharat Natyam technique.